CookKeepBook was designed, first and formost, as a tool to calculate the cost of recipes. A free registered account is required to use this tool. The standard account can be upgraded to the PLUS account with a monthly/yearly subscription. This upgraded account has more features than the standard free account.

The basic way to use CookKeepBook is to create ingredients first. Add additional information to the ingredients, like purchase cost and measurement converters. These ingredients will become your basic building blocks to create recipes.

  • How to Create Ingredients
  • How to Use Measurement Converters

  • Once you have created ingredients, you can create recipes and add the ingredients with respective measurements to the recipes. The system will then use all entered information and translate between measurement units (of the same type or with measurement converters) to calculate the total cost of the recipe.
    Recipes can also be used as "ingredients" on other recipes.
    The PLUS account will also give the option to calculate the profit margin for recipes, tag allergens and get nutrition summary of recipes.

  • How to Create Recipes
  • How to Cost Recipes
  • How to Use Recipes as Ingredients
  • How to Set Profit Margin
  • How to Tag Allergens
  • How to Add Nutritional Information
  • In addition to the basic costing of recipes, the standard account also has the Meal Planner feature. This feature enables you to add recipes to a calendar, planning meals or dinners, scaling recipes and creating shopping lists.

  • How to Use Meal Planner and Shopping List

  • Sign up for FREE and create your own account at CookKeepBook.