How to Duplicate and Scale Recipes

Summary: The PLUS account has the feature to duplicate and scale a recipe. For example, this can be used if you have a recipe that needs to be scaled to a different number of servings. Another example is, after creating a base recipe, the duplicate recipe feature can be used to make varieties of a recipe. A recipe for a base ice cream can be created and then duplicated to create different flavors.

To duplicate and/or scale a recipe, go to the recipe list by clicking on 'Recipes' in the navigation panel. To open the duplicate/scale panel of a recipe, click on the 'gear' symbol on the right of the listed recipe. The recipe command pop-up will appear. Select 'Duplicate/Scale'.

A new pop-up will appear and will show the name of the recipe and a slider to scale the recipe. By default, the slider will have a range up to 10x the scale. If the maximum range gets selected, the range gets automatically doubled.
Alternatively, you can select the text field in front of the slider and type in the new scale. If the original recipe has been defined to have a resulting quantity that is of the 'count' measuring type (i.e. servings), the scale slider switches to 'servings' automatically. The scaling factor will then show below the slider.
Once the desired scale is set, click the 'Duplicate/Scale Recipe' button to create the new scaled recipe.

Ciabatta Bread

Recipe Scale: 1x


The page will reload to the recipe list and will show the new recipe in the list with the original recipe's name with '(Copy)' added to it. To edit the name, click on the recipe to open and edit it.