How to Create Categories

Summary: Categories help you keep things organized. When searching for ingredients or recipes in lists, the category can also be used.

New Categories

Go to the categories screen where you can create categories for ingredients and recipes. Listed first are the ingredient categories and second the recipe categories.

To create a new category, open the New Category section and type in a name and press the create button.

New Category

Name: Give the category a name that explains what ingredients or recipes will be found within. For example, for ingredients you could use 'Dairy', 'Spices', 'Meats', 'Packaging', etc. For recipes 'Appetizers', 'Breakfast', etc.

Once you have chosen a name, click the 'Create' button to save the category. There are two types of categories, 'Ingredient Category' and 'Recipe Category'. Both can be created in the same navigation menu item.