Who is CookKeepBook?

We are just a couple programmers who, like everyone else, are trying to make ends meet today.

The CookKeepBook recipe cost calculator came about because friends asked us about a free tool that would calculate the cost of their recipes (for food or drink, or really anything that would have a recipe). Also we ourselves wanted to know how much our recipes are costing us. Since there were only a few excel spreadsheets (which were very limited) or paid for tools, we decided to create a basic recipe cost calculation tool free of charge.

But making this available to everyone would also create monthly costs for us to maintain this project, so we added a higher tier account (PLUS) that helps with deferring this cost and enables upgraded users to get more functionality.

We hope you find this tool useful. Once you tried it out, why not let us know what you think of it.

Also check out our FAQ, since it may answer some other questions you may have about us and our website.

We needed to know what our recipes cost us. So we created cookkeepbook.com.