How to Use the Meal Planner and Shopping List

Summary: The Meal Planner and Shopping List generator is a feature that is part of the standard account. The Meal Planner has a calendar to place recipes on. The recipes can be scaled (and printed scaled) and the shopping generator will create a list of ingredients from the selected days on the calendar.

Placing recipes on the calendar: Every day has a small in the top left corner. To add a recipe to that day, simply click on the icon and the recipe selection list panel will appear on the right. Select a recipe or multiple recipes, and they will be added to that date. Clicking outside the right panel (or swiping to the right on a mobile device) will make it disappear again.

Removing Recipes: To remove a recipe from the calendar, click on it and select the 'Delete' button in the pop up that appears (see below). It will remove the recipe from the calendar immediately.

Scaling the Recipe: If, for example, you are planning a big dinner and you want to scale a recipe (ie. change the number of servings), you can click on the recipe in the calendar and a pop-up will appear (see below) with the recipe's calendar information.
Change the scale of the recipe by using the slider or type the scaling factor you would like. Click update to save the changes.

Print Scaled Recipes: When you scale a recipe to be part of your shopping list, you may also want to have a print-out of the scaled recipe for cooking. Click the recipe you scaled and a new button "Print Scaled Recipe" will be available (see below). It will act like the print-out of the recipe, with the exception that all the ingredients and resulting quantity will have beenscaled.

Ciabatta Bread

Date: Jul 16th, 2024

Recipe Scale: 1x

Print Scaled Recipe Cancel

Print Calendar: Go to the month you would like to print in the menu planner. Click the button (at the top of the calendar) at the top of the calendar and a new window (browser tab) will open. Switch to that window and press CTRL-P or select 'Print' from your browser's menu to print out a copy.

Create Shopping List: Select a day, or click-hold and drag across multiple days, to highlight the day(s) you would like to create a shopping list for. All recipes within those days will be added to the shopping list.
Click on the button (at the top of the calendar) to preview the list of recipes you will create a shopping list for.
Click on "Create Shopping List" in the pop-up window and a new window (tab) will appear. It will contain the created shopping list.

Shopping List: The buttons at the bottom can be used to adjust the shopping list's font size and orientation of the columns.
Also, you can ommit individual ingredients by pressing the in front of them. This will omit them from the print out.
A note can be added to the shopping list as well.