How to Use Recipes as Ingredients

Summary: Using a recipe as an ingredient is a key way to speed up recipe creation. When parts of a meal or recipe can be broken up, using this feature can be a great time saver.

For example, a recipe for a baked good calls for a filling to be prepared as well. The filling can be created as a recipe first, then enabled to be used as an ingredient and then finally be added to the recipe of the baked good. Should that filling be used on multiple recipes, the user would not need to enter the ingredients multiple times.
Another example would be when a meal is made up of multiple parts, such as a steak dinner. There may be vegetables or french fries that come with the steak. Each one can be separated out as it's own recipe and can then be used multiple times on other meals/recipes as an ingredient.

How to enable recipe as an ingredient: To be able to use a recipe as an ingredient, you first need to specify a resulting quantity in the recipe in the 'Details' section. Use the 'Makes' fields as shown in the 'Details' section below (in our example our recipe makes 4 servings of Ciabatta Bread). Then switch on the 'Use recipe as ingredient' toggle. Press 'Save Recipe' on the left, and now the recipe will show among the ingredients list.


Additional uses: This feature can also be used to extend the measurement converter feature.
For example, you might receive an ingredient in bulk, such as a crate of milk. It may have 24x 1 liter cartons in each crate, and your purchase cost was entered as such. To split these up into 1 liter cartons you could create a recipe called 'Milk, 1 liter carton' and put one crate of the original milk ingredient on this recipe. Then enter '24 liter' into the resulting quantity for this new recipe. Turn on the 'Use Recipe as Ingredient' switch.
Now you can use it as an ingredient on other recipes with a Volume Measurement Type (ie. cups or liters). You can also put a measurement converter on the resulting ingredient ('Milk, 1 liter'), to translate from Volume to Weight for Nutrition.